School Improvement Committee

I believe classes should be shorter only to fit more of different types of classes into the school day. For example I help my sister with her chemistry homework. I think the classes I’m in are a little bit easy. There is a lot of homework at times which I dislike. It cant be too much easier though.

I think the school lunches should be improved, maybe I’ll actually eat lunch willingly instead of being forced. I don’t think the school lunches taste too good anyway. Its that or i just don’t eat. I like eating something that actually taste good. I think there is room for improvement.

Lastly, I think more rooms should have air conditioning. It’s too hot in most rooms. I like to wear a jacket during classes, but I can’t because its already really hot in that room. I’m not a big fan of 90 degree weather. I’m sure most people dont like heat like that.