Rango Movie Review

The Stats

The MPAA for Rango is 7.8. Rango, is 107 minutes long. It’s genre is animation comedy and adventure. It is rated PG and came out March 4th 2011.


Rango, is an ordinary chameleon. While he is walking though the desert, he comes upon a small town. this town is called Dirt. It is a lawless town, and has one need. This town needs a sheriff, which is where Rango comes in.


This movie is absolutely amazing. The graphics on it are great. They show all the detail they can. Next, It has amazing comedy. It’s just stupid. In one scene, Rango gets caught behind some glass. He cant break it. A bullet comes up, and barely taps the glass. The glass completely shatters. As a result, this movie has good comedy.

Again, the comedy its just stupid, its like wow that was stupid, but it was funny. Its like a typical funny were everybody can get at least a giggle. Its great for little kids. The only thing that MIGHT be bad, is the guns, i dont know, some parents are just all protective about it. That might be something to look for if your all protective about your child.

This movie is great because, it doesnt really make you bored. Its more of an entertaining movie. It’s not like one of those drama movies were your all up like ugh, whyd i see this, its so boring. Its one of the movies when your like hah glad I paid $8.00 on this ticket. As a result this movie, is just amazing.

Final Thoughts

I think this movie is suitable for all ages. Even if the child is really young. This movie, is not scary at all in my eyes. It’s a simple set up of the mainĀ  character saving the day, it’s kinda like toy story.